Human Slingshot Slip and Slide

Utah-based clothing company, Vooray, sponsored filmmaker and daredevil Devin Graham and his friends to create and film a gigantic Human Slingshot Slip and Slide in Paradise, Utah.

For the actual slip and slide, the jump itself Vooray built, it being 8 feet tall. They originally used a bungie to sling people out, but a week before we filmed, when they were testing it, it snapped… and whip lashed a couple people. So to make sure it was safe, they bought a 250 dollar bungie online to make sure no one got hurt when we filmed.

The pond itself was on private property in Paradise Utah. From where the jump is to the opposite end, it was 150 feet long. Several people were launched 120 feet from the jump.. not to bad, right? :)

I think I’m hanging out with the wrong folks, this looks like great fun!