How People Pleasers Endanger Everyone Around Them by Not Being Honest About Their Feelings

In a helpful animated essay, the very insightful School of Life gently explains how people pleasers do themselves and others around them a disservice when they choose to act in such a way as to exact favor rather than be honest about their feelings. It’s further stated that people pleaser are liars, though not in the conventional sense, and as such can endanger those around them with their lowercase lies.

the people-pleaser is someone (who might at times be oneself) who feels they have no option but to mould themselves to the expectations of others, and yet, harbours all manner of secret and at points dangerous reservations and resentments. …Putting it bluntly we could say that the people pleaser is a liar. It sounds brutal, but the people-pleaser is lying for poignant reasons: not in order to gain advantage, but because they are terrified of the displeasure of others.