How to Properly Pronounce the Names of English Towns

English Jade of engVid offers a handy lesson in the proper pronunciation of various cities, towns, and shires all around England. As Jade explains, many of the names are not said in exactly the way that they are spelled, which can make for some confusion and/or embarrassment while visiting the country.

A surprising thing about British town names is they are often pronounced differently than they are written. …Depending on where you are in Britain, you may even hear different variations in pronunciation. So how can you know how to pronounce town names properly?

Back in 2018, Jade explained how to properly pronounce the names of the biggest cities in England (and one in Scotland).

Learn how to pronounce the names of the top 10 biggest cities in Britain. Avoid the embarrassment of saying the name of a famous place incorrectly — listen and learn how a person from London says the names of these places.

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