How to Make a DIY Cookie Monster Fur Rug and Cookie Pillows

cookie monster rug 1

Maker Mike Warren has created an Instructables post detailing how to create a Cookie Monster fur rug and cookie pillows. The rug makes use of blue faux-fur fabric Warren says can be found at most fabric shops, soft yarn eyes, and foam pieces for the head.

Bring everyone’s favourite cookie eating monster home with your own cookie monster rug. This iconic blue abomination was just begging to be remade into a bear skin rug. Using blue faux-fur fabric and some other textile supplies, I was able to make this rug in under an hour. This soft rug is great for kids, and the cookie pillows really make it complete.

cookie monster rug 2

cookie monster rug 4

cookie monster rug 3

photos via Mike Warren

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips