A Hypnotic Video Showing How to Draw an Anamorphic 3D Skyline Using Simple Lines and Squares

As part of his wonderful ongoing series of art tutorials, artist Tom McPherson of Circle Line Art School shows how to draw anamorphic 3D skyline with the use of squares and lines. McPherson also showcases a simple point-of-reference technique to create accurate depth that is further enhanced with strategic shading.

  • Step 1: Draw some rectangles.
  • Step 2: Draw a bigger rectangle around them.
  • Step 3: Draw a cross in the corner of your page.
  • Step 4: Draw lines from the corners of the smaller rectangles to the cross.
  • Step 5: Draw some windows.
  • Step 6: Add some tonal shading.
  • Step 7: Look at your drawing from the cross, at a low angle.

via The Kid Should See This