How the Dalmatian Breed of Dogs Became the Beloved Mascot of Firefighters Everywhere

Simon Whistler of the informative series “Today I Found Out” explained how Dalmatians became the beloved mascots of firefighters everywhere. The big spotted dogs were put to use due to their ability run long distances, make noise and bond with horses. Despite the fact that modern technology has surpassed the abilities of a dog, the noble breed remains a distinctive symbol.

Back to Dalmatians and the horse-drawn fire carriages- because of the dogs’ strong work ethic and stamina, they typically didn’t have any trouble keeping up with the carriages even when they were flying down the roads at high speeds. The Dalmatian would scare away anything that might spook the horses, and also just as importantly served as the first “siren.” Its bark would alert pedestrians on the road that the fire brigade was on its way, and to move off the street.