How Storyboards Were Used in the Making of the 1960 Classic Hitchcock Film ‘Psycho’

The wonderful online film series “Eyes on Cinema” took a look at the legendary 1960 Alfred Hitchcock film Psycho by way of a television interview with graphic designer Saul Bass. Bass was responsible for creating all of the storyboards for the film, which Hitchcock translated almost exactly onto film albeit with a great deal more of its famous fear factor not otherwise present in the illustrations.

Interestingly enough, the storyboard that I did for ‘Psycho’ went precisely as I laid it up and there was no change on that. And so, and frankly I myself, at that point didn’t even really understand the impact that that some of these things would have. I thought it was a neat little murder and I thought was pure, I like this purity. I must say that when it appeared in the in the theater when I saw the thing in the theater it really scared the hell outta me.