Artist Christoph Niemann Humorously Explains How Images Can Transcend the Limits of Language

In a wonderfully personable TED Talk, renowned artist, New York Times columnist and author Christoph Niemann explains rather humorously how the language of images can often transcend the limits of spoken/written language. He also talks about his wonderful “Sunday Sketching” series for which he is fully conscious of his efforts to communicate the message of his art in a manner that translates effectively to the viewer.

The real magic doesn’t happen on paper, it happens in the mind of the
viewer. When your expectations and your knowledge clash with my artistic intentions, your interaction with an image – your ability to read and question, be bothered or bored or inspired by an image – is as important as my artistic contribution because that’s what turns an artistic statement really into a creative dialogue.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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