How Gratitude Acts as an Antidote to Dissatisfaction

Munich design group Kurzgesagt offers a simple antidote to dissatisfaction – putting forth positive feelings in the form of gratitude. Gratitude helps to refocus the brain towards the good things you have.

Experiencing gratitude is not that simple, nor does one size fit all. The ability to feel gratitude depends on genetic traits, personality, and culture. And while gratitude can generate positive feelings, it is neither a cure for depression nor a magic pill. Rather, acknowledging that for which one is grateful in life can help a person overcome the inadequacies they feel in other areas.

Everybody is familiar with the feeling that things are not as they should be. That you are not successful enough, your relationships not satisfying enough. That you don’t have the things you crave. …we want to talk about one of the strongest predictors of how happy people are, how easily they make friends and how good they are at dealing with hardship. An antidote against dissatisfaction so to speak: Gratitude.

An Antidote to Dissatisfaction Mirror

An Antidote to Dissatisfaction

Antidote to Dissatisfaction