The Charming Actor Who Voiced the Irascible Homer Simpson in Spanish for ‘The Simpsons’ (1990-2005)

Great Big Story visited with the incredibly charming and very funny Humberto Vélez, who voiced the irascible Homer Simpson in the Spanish language version of The Simpsons from 1990 to 2005. Vélez showed how he developed his version of Homer, keeping in accordance with what would be both funny and culturally relevant within the vast span of Spanish speaking countries by drawing on his personal experiences.

One time there was a sentence in an episode with a meaning that was too local. That is, it was too
American. So I had to come up with something as crazy as that. I scanned my brain until I found a phrase that my friend used to say. So I came up with ‘I want to become a monkey’. Half the room erupted in laughter. That’s when I said, this is the one.