Homemade Remake of the ‘Ender’s Game’ Teaser Trailer

The Ender’s Game teaser trailer (released in May) has been given an impressive homemade remake in this new Cinefix episode of Homemade Movies. It was directed by Pasadena, California-based animator and musician Dustin McLean of DustFilms. Previously we wrote about Dustin and his homemade remake of the The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Star Trek Into Darkness and Iron Man 3 teaser trailers.

Ender’s Game is finally coming to theatres, but not without a homemade trailer! Watch Homemade Movies’ surprisingly epic (and accurate) Ender’s Game trailer made with exploding toy planes, plasma balls and sweet Ben Kingsly face tattoos.

Here are the behind-the-scenes and side by side comparison videos from CineFix:

videos via CineFix