Explaining the Long History of Solar Eclipses

Cameron Duke of MinuteEarth explained the long history of solar eclipses and how humans learned to track when they would occur because they seemed so scary at first.

I dug into the history of eclipses, and I found that eclipses have been regarded as terrifying omens almost as long as humans have been around to see them. These days, we know exactly when eclipses are going to happen – we even look forward to them. But humans didn’t learn to predict eclipses because they were exciting – it was  because long ago, eclipses were terrifying.

He also incorporates other videos to explain why we don’t have eclipses every month, why there are more eclipses in the north than the south, why eclipses travel west to east, why eclipses are becoming more rare and why animals may act weird during an eclipse.

History of Solar Eclipses
Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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