Engineer Mounts High-Speed Camera on Rotating Lawn Mower Blade to Capture It Destroying Objects

High-Speed Camera Lawn Mower Blade

Vancouver engineer David Kronstein decided to put his beautiful $3,000 Chronos high-speed camera to the test. After building a secure mount that would completely protect the camera, Kronstein then attached it to the blade of a modified lawn mower and put it into motion.

This experiment showed Kronstein how well the camera responded under stress while also capturing some pretty neat footage of the blade destroying a variety of objects.

This started out as a project to see what the camera could take, turns out it can take a lot of punishment! Spinning up to 1800RPM, with about 200G exerted continuously on the periphery of the camera, plus another 100-200G of shock when an impact occurs.

via Hackaday

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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