A Tantalizing Stop-Motion Animation That Reveals the Hidden Patterns Inside Various Fruits and Vegetables

Filmmaker Kevin B. Parry has created a series of tantalizing stop-motion animations that reveal the hidden mosaics that live inside fruits and vegetables. Each piece was meticulously cut and photographed, frame-by-frame to create the seamless flow of each reveal. Amongst the produce he exemplified was an apple, an orange, a banana, an avocado, a tomato, a red pepper, an onion, and a watermelon. Parry also shared the fun he had in making this film.

Using my stop-motion animation know-how to explore the patterns inside of various fruits and vegetables! This looks super tedious, but I actually had a lot of fun slicing them frame by frame and seeing the results come to life. I’ve included a bit of behind-the-scenes footage to show how I created the effect.

via The Kid Should See This