A Traditional Hair Style That Brilliantly Reveals a Hidden Multitude of Colors Underneath

A student in Singapore named Jaye T. modeled an adorable short traditional hairstyle that, at first, offers no clue as to the brilliant multitude of colors that are hidden underneath. Per Jaye, the idea for this “oil slick” style was inspired by New York City stylist auracolorist. Jaye explained what was involved in building the effect in a Q&A on her blog.

Q: Is it true that you got your hair dyed like that because you weren’t allowed dyed hair? Ik this sounds random but heyo

A: hey!! uh, no actually, that’s entirely false. i’ve done under-the-radar dyed hair before during school time, but i’m actually on holidays right now, and… where did you hear that actually HAHAH i dyed it like this because i wanted an oil-slick kind of thing, nothing more!! (though all the sites keep?? calling it secret rainbow hair???? it REALLY ISN’T A RAINBOW HOW MANY COLOURS DO YOU THINK A RAINBOW HAS) but yeah, i can’t actually tell you if it’ll work if you’re hiding from others. good luck though!!