Hexaflexagons 2, Vi Hart Elaborates on Flexagons

As a follow up to her original Hexaflexagons video, mathemusician Vi Hart has now created Hexaflexagons 2 which further explores the history behind six-sided flexagons. Additionally, on October 21, 2012, the annual Celebration of Mind events will occur to honor American writer Martin Gardner. A hexaflexagon party website has been established so that folks can participate in the fun.

Historical Note: This video is based on a true story. Arthur H. Stone invented the Hexaflexagon and started a flexagon committee with his friends Tuckerman, Feynman, and Tukey (who all later became well-known in their respective fields). Tuckerman invented the Tuckerman Traverse, and Feynman invented Feynman Diagrams (not to be confused with Feynman Diagrams in physics, which is probably why flexagon diagrams are usually not called Feynman Diagrams anymore). The details of their interactions and dialogue, however, are my own invention.