‘Here’s to 2014!’, An Illustrated Mashup of Memorable Pop Culture News Events From 2014

Here’s to 2014

Beutler Ink commissioned Los Angeles-based graphic designer Noah Smith of Scrap Labs to create “Here’s to 2014!,” an illustrated mashup of memorable pop cuture news events from this past year. The illustrated piece is follow-up to their poster from last year, “Here’s to 2013!” A full list of the items included in Beutler Ink’s collage is available to view on their blog.

From hotels that are Grand, to divas that are Grande, from the siblings Smith to award-winning Swift, from new Google Glass to Kim Kardashian’s… wedding, this year was filled with news and pop culture events that almost broke the internet. Check out the full mash-up illustration featuring the highs and lows of 2014.

Justin Page
Justin Page

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