Henson & BBC Greenlight Muppet-Like TV Show: No Strings Attached

Danny Baker and Kermit

Danny Baker tweeted this photo and said, “I’m writing the new Muppet/Puppet show for BBC/Henson. There I’ve said it.”

Variety is reporting that a show with the working title No Strings Attached will be produced by The Jim Henson Company and BBC to be aired on BBC One. According to a BBC press release, the “cast of puppet characters will invite two celebrity guests to enter their world” where they will “go head to head in a series of unique games run by the cast of characters and take part in a variety of sketches, in what will be a warm, cheeky, family affair fuelled by a healthy dose of off-the-wall, madcap fun.” Danny Baker will be the lead writer and Brian Henson will act as lead puppeteer.

via Chip + Company

image via Muppet Central Forum