Helpful Advice In Getting Past the Pain of Rejection Without Turning It Into an Overblown Tragedy

In the latest of their incredibly insightful videos, the School of Life offers, through serene animation by Avi Ofer, incredibly helpful advice in getting past the pain of rejection, how to allow oneself to grieve and how not to let one’s own lowered self esteem make the issue bigger than it is.

Firstly don’t attempt to minimize what happened. Being brave has no place here. …Secondly believe them when they said it don’t imagine that they’re past sweetness and kind words provides any covert indications of future commitment. …don’t connect up the rejection with everything you fear and hate about you. Don’t accuse them of cowardice. Don’t exaggerate their qualities. Don’t insist on their uniqueness. Don’t offer them sex in the hope of changing their mind. Don’t imagine the people can fall back in love with someone or pity your guilt and don’t defensively maintain that they had a fear of intimacy…but above all don’t keep thinking of the end of this relationship as tragically sad.