Help The Lifesize Moustrap Travel To Maker Faire Detroit and Maker Faire World in NYC

Life Size Mouse Trap

The Lifesize Mousetrap, an amazing full size version of the classic board game, needs help getting to Maker Faire Detroit and Maker Faire World in New York City.

They have setup a Kickstarter project to help raise funds for the cross-country trip.

The Life size Mousetrap weighs in at 50,000 lb… as you can imagine, moving it across the country is a HUGE undertaking. It costs $3 a mile to transport the mousetrap’s semi trailer, and we’ve got 6600 miles to GO!!!
We are excited by our collaboration with the Maker Faire but our current funding does not allow us to make the most out of this rare opportunity.

They will also be doing shows in a few other cities as they tour the country.