Helmfon, A Cleverly Designed Privacy Helmet That Blocks Out Noise for Greater Productivity

Hochu rayu design bureau, a creative firm from Ukraine who specialize in designing “Microworlds”, have created the Helmfon, a really clever oversized helmet that allows the user to block out unwanted noise and distractions, while maintaining personal space and privacy. The Helmfon also blocks out all sound coming from inside, such as that from headphones or the onboard smartphone speaker system and is customizable in a variety of colors and designs.

Helmfon is a device in a form of helmet, which thanks to the system of active sound absorption allows to concentrate in open working spaces. Because of the special absorption features, this helmet fully reflects the outside sound waves and thus makes the process of working comfortable, with no outside noise. …Our main idea was to create a tool, which helps fully concentrate on working project, get some personal space and doesn’t allow office noise kill person’s productiveness.

Helmfon Desk Front

Helmfon Desk Side

Helmfon Colors