Helena Bonham-Carter Voices Sam Neill’s Annoyed Forgotten Phone in a Clever Short Film About Isolation

“Das Phone Hell” is a very clever film that addresses the concept of isolation. Actor/director/vintner Sam Neill finds that he needs to offer a heartfelt apology to his phone, as brilliantly voiced by actress Helena Bonham-Carter.

It seems that Neill left his phone behind when he went out to the grocery store. The forgotten phone was visibly annoyed as there was a reminder to always check for wallet, keys, and phone. The indignant phone told Neill to list all the things that she does for him, to promise he’d never leave her again, and being that she was at 6%, that he’d charge her immediately.

How is your relationship with your phone? Honestly? Hmmm? You’ve never panicked because you may have left it at home? Or worse, lost it? If your answer is no, that’s a great big fib. If yes – you have a very toxic relationship with said phone. This then is the movie for YOU.