Heavy Browsing, A Parody Site That Highlights Fashion Don’ts

Alison and Divya created Heavy Browsing, a parody site that shows (and hilariously comments on) a bevy of fashion don’ts.

Funny ladies. Serious fashion.

We’re just a couple of silk blouse enthusiasts who love trolling the Internet for discounted designer pieces. Thanks to many late night Diet Coke-fueled shopping sprees, we’ve realized that for every chic pencil skirt in an online clearance section, there is an ill-fitting bodysuit on the next page that makes us laugh out loud. Inevitably, some of these mishaps have made their way into our wardrobes, and because of that we’ve also collected some very helpful shopping and style tips. Mix that with our wry sense of humor–We were English majors! We love wordplay!–and you have Heavy Browsing.

images via Heavy Browsing

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff