Hannibal Buress Talks About Life and His Weird Vitamins While Eating Progressively Spicy Wings

Hannibal Buress Freestyles While Eating Spicy Wings

On the 100th episode of the First We Feast series, Hot Ones, the comical Hannibal Buress talked about his career, The Eric Andre Show, his weird vitamin purchase, and eats progressively spicy wings while being interviewed by Sean Evans.

For the momentous 100th episode of Hot Ones, we had to track down one of the most requested, most elusive guests on our wish list: the hilarious Hannibal Buress. While struggling through the wings of death, the comedian pulls back the curtain on the Eric Andre show, discusses his off-piste rap career, and explains the art of wearing a jumpsuit with your face on it. He also tries out some unconventional techniques to tame the heat, including “weird vitamins” and a pre-show cryotherapy session.

Justin Page
Justin Page

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