‘Handmade Hero’, A Project Designed to Create a Professional-Quality Video Game While Streaming Live

Handmade Hero is a project by Seattle-based game programmer Casey Muratori that is designed to create a professional-quality video game while streaming live on Twitch. Muratori intends to stream himself coding the game and providing explanations for every line of source code, but will also make sure to limit these streams so as not to completely overwhelm anyone following along.

I will try to limit the sessions to two hours or less per weekday so it will remain manageable for people who practice coding along with the series at home. At that rate, and allowing for topical explanations and explorations, it will probably take well over a year before the majority of the game is implemented.

Interested parties can follow Muratori’s progress on Twitch, and the videos will also be archived on YouTube. Muratori has already completed his first stream of Handmade Hero as well as a Q&A segment.

via Waxy.org