Beautiful Colorful Handblown Glass Octopuses

Ukrainian lampwork artist Nikita Drachuk of Glass Symphony, who creates wonderfully creepy handblown glass animals, arachnids, and Kraken, has also included beautiful colorful octopuses in his handblown menagerie. These octopuses either come as sculptures or as necklace pendants. Drachuk believes that the octopus is an incredibly inspiring animal.

Being realistically made, octopus sculpture will impress by every curve of their tentacles. It seems like every octopus figurine is in motion due to top class master’s workmanship. Octopus as a specie has gained unique symbolism features. It is considered to bring its owner flexibility, improve one’s intelligence and gain every set goal. Highly intelligent in the nature, octopus figurine will encourage you for new achievements, success in business, work or studying.

These and Drachuk’s other pieces can be purchased through his Etsy shop.

via Colossal

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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