Hammie the Bulldog Plays Mommy To An Adorable Litter of Foster Kittens

Hammie and Kitten

I swear he thought he was the mom.

Last year Michelle Parden, also known as RorschachBulldogs on reddit, fostered a mother cat and her kittens in her Lincoln, Nebraska home where bulldogs “Honey” and “Hammie” already lived. Fearing that the dogs would scare the cat and kittens, Michelle separated the animals and slowly re-introduced them. Evidently her method worked very well, because as soon as Hammie met the kittens, they all fell in love with each other.

Hammie and 1 Kitten

Hammie and Kitten 3

Hammie Face and Kitten

images by Michelle Parden

via Omaha.com, My Modern Met