A Pair of Guinea Pigs Engage in an Adorable Parsley Eating Contest

A pair of guinea pigs named Wilbur and Milo engaged in an adorable parsley eating contest while sitting in lovely blue an white floral bowls. Their human Teresa said that it was a close race, but eventually the winner was clear.

Challenger Wilbur is determined to beat reigning champ Milo in the much anticipated Guinea Pig Parsley Eating Contest. With each contestant weighing in at 2 pounds 12 ounces, the race is certain to be a close one.

The champ, of course, was Milo as he is a parsley eating machine.

Teresa also said that she adopted Milo right after Wilbur came into her care.

I was Wilbur’s babysitter for my son’s girlfriend when they traveled abroad. Their relationship didn’t last, but my parenthood of Wilbur became forever. The same day I was asked to keep him was the same day I adopted Milo (as I googled how to be a GP parent and Rule #1 is that you shouldn’t own just 1 (they are herd animals and need social environment to thrive).

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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