An Adorably Spooky ‘Big Eared’ Dumbo Octopus Puts on a Fearsome Show for the ROV Hercules Camera

While exploring off the Davidson Seamount in the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, the ROV Hercules, launched from the E/V Nautilus captured the rare sight of an adorably spooky Dumbo octopus. This type of cephalopod is named for the classic Disney character due to their mantle fins, which look like big, floppy ears. Despite being really cute, this octopus knows how to put on a fearsome show when necessary.

At first this ghostly octopus drifted past the camera on ROV Hercules flapping wing-like fins, then inverted its webbed arms, ballooning out to reveal eight rows of suckers. This rarely-seen Grimpoteuthis….was approximately 60cm (almost two feet) long!