Grace Helbig Reviews The Red Carpet Fashion of the 2014 Academy Awards

Grace Helbig, host of the video series It’s Grace, hilariously reviews the fashion of the 2014 Academy Awards. Wearing a striped sweatshirt and a fancy hairstyle, Grace pulls no punches when it comes to evening wear.

It's Grace Reviewing Anne Hathaway's Dress

Anne Hathaway – When I first saw this photo I thought that she put on, like a black dress and then somehow spilled glue over the top part of her body, then fell into a pile of tin foil, but only on the top half. Excellent choice…

It's Grace Reviews Emma Watson's Dress

Emma Watson – looking cute, a little gothic, a little tank top-long skirt action, cool dress, I don’t hate it.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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