Government Building in Las Cruces, New Mexico Offers a Cat Library Where Workers Can Check Out Adoptable Felines

Earlier this month we wrote about redditor Loocylooo‘s office in Southern New Mexico that offered a cat library for workers to “check out” adoptable cats for an hour at a time. Steve Hartman followed up on the story in an “On The Road” segment for the CBS Evening News and learned that the cat library is located at the Doña Ana County Building in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

In Las Cruces, New Mexico, there’s a library with no books, but a great story; a library with nothing to read, but that you have to check out; a library for people who just want to take a few minutes to sit down and get lost — in a good kitten. Becky Garcia is the kitten librarian. Actually, she’s the receptionist at the Dona Ana County office building, where a couple years ago county officials installed a little kitty condo in the lobby. The cats are from a local shelter and they’re available to any employee looking for a moment of purr bliss.

Kitten in Books
photo via Steve Hartman

Kitten on Desk
photo via CBS Evening News

Kitten on Shoulder
photo via CBS Evening News