A GoPro Mounted Inside a Tire Captures What Happens While a Car Is Being Driven at Different Speeds

Chicago engineer Matt Mikka of Warped Perception (previously) responded to viewer’s request to mount a GoPro inside his tire as he drove around his neighborhood. Mikka happily acquiesced and went for a drive with the camera filming a “tire’s eye” ride.

One of the main reasons I came to YouTube in the first place ways to open up people’s minds on how things work by pushing all sorts of stuff to its limit and filming it in a way that allows us to see things we normally cannot see. So when I got the viewer’s request to mount a GoPro inside of a tire and drive the car around I was all in. And it was absolutely perfect timing because I was just about to change the tires on my car. I’m not going to waste any time I’m just going to jump right into it and get it done.

Mikka drove around at different speeds on different surfaces in order to provide a good sense of what was going on. In fact, a very interesting thing happened at the end of the ride. Mikka deflated the tire while the GoPro was still filming. The camera captured amazing footage of the air moving as it was being released.

Deflating Tire GoPro