Google Project Bloks, A Tangible Programming Platform for Kids

Project Bloks Assembled

Google Project Bloks is a new tangible programming platform that is intended to teach kids computing without having to learn traditional coding. Recently announced on the Google Research Blog, Project Bloks uses a collection of boards and so-called “pucks” that can be arranged to provide different commands and outcomes, and the Project Bloks “Brain Board” can connect to and control toys or other smart devices.

Kids naturally play and learn by using their hands, building stuff and doing things together. One of the benefits of tangible programming is that it makes code physical, so kids can play with it.

Ultimately, our goal is to enable kids to develop computational thinking (a set of foundational problem-solving skills) from a young age through coding experiences that are playful, tactile, and collaborative.

Project Bloks Assembly GIF

Project Bloks Board GIF

Project Bloks Pucks

Project Blok Boards

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