Google Doodle Celebrating 93rd Birthday of Legendary Film Graphic Designer Saul Bass

Today, Google is celebrating the 93rd birthday of famed film graphic designer Saul Bass (May 8, 1920 – April 25, 1996) with an intricate Google Doodle by San Franciso-based artist Matthew Cruickshank. He created this animated Google-themed series of designs based on Saul’s famous film title credits, film posters and corporate logos.

Film rights can be problematic so I wasn’t completely sure of the order of cutting, but as it turned out every studio was a pleasure to work with. Corresponding with Jennifer Bass was inspirational and led to hearing that Saul Bass was a Dave Brubeck fan. Although I hadn’t synched animation to music we found a Brubeck track that managed to hit the right notes. Again, the Brubeck estate were superb to work with.

Google Doodle for Saul Bass

Google Saul

video via Google

image via Matthew Cruickshank

Justin Page
Justin Page

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