‘Good Grief’, A Powerful Animated Short Film Showing How Five Different Individuals Deal With Loss

Good Grief, a remarkably powerful and touching animated short film by Australian director Fiona Dalwood, shows how five different individuals cope with loss. Whether the loss was that of a parent, a bunny, an amputated leg or a good friend by suicide, each person’s compelling story of grief rings familiar with anyone who has had loss of their own.

Inspired by the loss of her own mother and the grief that ensued, director Fiona Dalwood went about finding out how the experience of loss transforms us. With a shoestring budget and months of hard work, she made Good Grief, a beautiful short film that has been described as “adorable and heartfelt”. Accessible to children and adults alike, it is being used in educational programs as a starting point to discuss the process of grief and what some of the positive outcomes of grief can be.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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