Golden Retriever Reacts Excitedly to the News That She No Longer Has Cancer

A sweet golden retriever named Lily reacted immediately with excitement at the very moment her human informed her that she no longer has cancer. Lily had suffered from an hemangiosarcoma which presented as a large tumor on her spleen. Despite her slim odds of survival, her humans knew they couldn’t give up on their beloved dog.

We didn’t want to give up. We emptied our savings account and did the surgery. They removed a 6 pound tumor! She immediately seemed better. But they said it would only be temporary. That in a few months she would bleed out. I kept saying, “but what if it is benign?” They were clear that it has never happened in their whole career and we should be prepared and just enjoy our time with her. One week later we got the results. This was the moment I told her.