God Hates Twitter, Westboro Baptist Church Plans Protest At Twitter Headquarters

westboro baptist church and me

photo by Burstein

Hate 2.0 pioneers the Westboro Baptist Church, originators of the “God Hates [X]” meme, are headed to San Francisco on Thursday and Friday for one of their whirlwind protest tours. Among the stops on their picket schedule, Thursday from 4:30 to 5:00 pm: Twitter’s headquarters. Usually this is where we would tell you why a notorious hate group would protest Twitter. But rather than direct you toward their NSFW website, here’s a rough Hatese-to-English translation: “We are protesting at Twitters HQ to spread our core message: Crazytime 99 hate balloons unicorn puncher.”

In 2008, a Westboro protest in San Francisco was met by a few counter protesters and a couple merry pranksters (resulting in the photo above, featuring our very own guest blogger Burstein!). As a public service for those who might wish to give an absurdist San Francisco welcome to WBC this time round without visiting their NSFW picket schedule, it is transcribed below.


12:15-12:45 Contemporary Jewish Museum, 736 Mission Street
1:10-1:40 Anti Defamation League, 720 Market Street
1:50-2:20 Jewish Community Center, 3200 California Street
3:20 3:50 Lowell High School, 1101 Eucalyptus Drive
4:30-5:00 Twitter, Inc., 795 Folsom Street
7:20-8:00 Golden Gate Theatre [Fiddler on Roof], 1 Taylor Street


10:00-10:30 Congregation Beth Israel & Day School, 625 Brotherhood Way
11:00-11:30 Jewish News Weekly of Northern California, 225 Bush Street
11:45-12:15 United States District Court, 450 Golden Gate Avenue
2:10-2:40 Jewish Community High School of the Bay, 1835 Ellis Street
3:00-3:30 George Washington High School, 600 32nd Avenue
6:50-7:30 The Randall Museum Theatre [Rent], 199 Museum Way

E.D.W. Lynch
E.D.W. Lynch

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