A Handy Infusion Kit That Makes Gin Glow in the Dark

Glowing Gin Infusing Kit

Scott and Gabriel of Sandy Leaf Farm in Oxfordshire, England have put together a wonderful DIY kit to make five batches of gin that glows in the dark. The ingredients that both infuse the gin and make it glow under a blacklight are all completely natural.

With this kit you’ll be able to make gin which glows when placed under the UK blacklight included in the kit. The kit makes up to five 700ml batches, just add inexpensive gin to get started. …The glow comes from a naturally occurring vitamin and the infusion contains only natural dried botanicals.

Glowing Gin Infusing Kit Ingredients

What’s in the kit?

– Glow powder
– Pink gin infusion
– Reusable cotton filter
– Reusable cotton bag
– UV torch
– Measuring scoop
– Tasting Pipette
– Bottle labels
– Infusion guide

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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