Scrumptious Looking, Highly Stylized Glazed Ceramic Pop Art Donuts That Look Incredibly Real

Sculptor Jae Yong Kim has created a whimsical line of rather scrumptious looking, brightly colored, Pop Art glazed donuts that look good enough to eat, yet it isn’t suggested. These very real looking sweets are handmade of ceramic, then painted and baked in a kiln for that beautiful glazed look upon which to add such accoutrements as crystals or beads. To Kim, the donuts are a perfect medium for his individuality and love of pop culture.

Closely associated with American popular culture, Kim’s donuts have been elevated beyond the banal to an iconic symbol that speaks to our globalized world of production and consumption. Rather than offering us an overt critique of this reality, Kim’s work conveys an almost childlike joy and pleasure. …Kim’s artistic process is also guided by the principle of pleasure: he works with each individual donut until he is happy with it, a process which takes three or four firings in the kiln over the course of many days. Each donut is individually hand crafted, painted, glazed and adorned one by one.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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