Little Girl Teaches Abandoned Duckling to Swim

A little duckling, who was helped out of his shell by a kindhearted woman named Jacky, fell in love with Jacky’s daughter Mia, who taught him to swim.

Jacky came across the mother and her babies one day and noticed that one egg still hadn’t hatched. The little guy was having a great deal of difficulty getting out of his shell. Jacky waited a bit before taking action.

I see this mother duck with her babies and this egg on the ground. He had already started to hatch but was struggling to come out I waited a little bit to see if he would completely come out it wasn’t happening for him so I started to slowly chip away at the egg and help him out.

Unfortunately, the little duckling had been rejected and pushed out of the nest. Jacky took to duckling home and cared for him. That’s when he started following Mia everywhere she went. They planned on releasing “Duckie” into their local lake. Unfortunately, he did not yet know how to swim, so Mia taught him.

We would take him to the lake because the plan was to always release him on the lake. He was her shadow. He would follow her everywhere. That’s the only way he would go in the water. When she stayed out of the water, he wouldn’t want to go in. He was scared.

Girl Teaching Duck to Swim

Once he was confident, Duckie remained on the lake. But he visits every day and even has a special gate to their yard where Mia can read to him.

He’s the duck with the VIP treatment. We have like a special gate. My daughter is learning to read. All the stories that she read him were stories about ducks.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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