Gift Alarm, A Motion Detecting Alarm For Presents by Archie McPhee

Gift Alarm

The gang of creative folks at Archie McPhee have made the Gift Alarm, a helpful motion-detecting alarm that will keep your presents safe from sticky-fingered relatives and friends. The loud siren and flashing lights will alert you if anyone comes within a four-foot radius of your precious gifts. It is available to purchase online.

Turn your Christmas tree into Fort Knox with the Gift Alarm.The whole point of wrapping gifts is so they’ll be a surprise, not so people can peel back the paper and peep. If some lookie-loo tries to approach their stack of gifts, the alarm goes into DEFCON 1 with a loud siren and flashing red light. It’s not Christmas specific, so you could also use this to protect the last piece of cake or your diary.

Gift Alarm

images via Archie McPhee

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips