Mesmerizing Music Video For ‘Woke Up Looking’ by Gideon Irving Was Made Without CGI or Green Screen

In the wonderfully mesmerizing video for the Gideon Irving song “Woke Up Looking”, random hands in silver gloves attend to every need of a phone-fixated man as spends every aspect of his existence “looking at his robot”.

Irving, who is the son of actor Mandy Patinkin, is currently raising funds for a cross-country horseback music tour.

I’m raising funds to bring my new show to peoples homes across the rural American West by horseback. This August I plan to depart and travel 3,000 miles with 2 horses over 14 months. Traveling by horse, moving through wilderness, dipping into small communities, living in a daily practice of putting my animals’ needs before mine will inescapably have a massive effect on how the show changes and how I change.

Irving also shared behind-the-scenes footage showing how this incredible video was produced without the use of CGI or a green screen.

via Vimeo Staff Picks