Giant Tarantula Pillows

Ukrainian artist Nataliia Bondarieva creates incredibly lifelike, plush tarantulas in all sorts of colors and sizes. Perhaps her most remarkable line of these arachnids is her giant sleeping spider pillows that measure up to 75 inches (190 cm) across. Each of these giant pillows is constructed with faux fur and wire for bendable legs. Bondarieva states that many of her clients have bought her spiders in order to overcome their own arachnophobia.

My sculptures are often bought by people who experience arachnophobia to get rid of their fear of spiders It is also bought as an original home decor. I am always pleased to read thanks from my customers. Since my childhood I loved wildlife and insects. And I am glad that my art makes a friendly attitude of people towards spiders.

These and other designs are available for purchase through the Lifelike Spider Art Etsy Shop.

via Technabob

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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