Ghost Robotics’ Compact and Nimble Minitaur Robot Explores the Outdoors

Ghost Minitaur

A video by Ghost Robotics captures their compact and nimble Ghost Minitaur robot as it explores the outdoors by climbing, jumping, and flipping over and through obstacles. The Minitaur easily handles slopes, uneven rocky terrain, tunnels, and even ice using its four direct-drive legs.

Ghost Minitaurâ„¢ is a medium-sized fast, lightweight and dynamic direct-drive legged robot platform for research and development of commercial UGVs, advanced gait and locomotion research, and machine learning and training applications. The Minitaur is a fully operational legged robot R&D platform starting at USD 11,500, and a precursor to a portfolio of small to medium scale ruggedized field-grade UGV platforms slated to be delivered in the future for range of scientific, military, ISR, SAR and commercial applications.

In 2016, the company introduced the robot with a video of it performing indoor tasks like opening doors, as well as other challenges like climbing a fence.

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