George Lucas Talks About Breaking Up With Star Wars in Order to Move Forward With His Life

On the 2015 Christmas episode of The Charlie Rose Show, legendary filmmaker George Lucas spoke with the straightforward host about parting ways with Star Wars and compared the production of the new film to a romantic breakup.

It’s just a simple rule of life. When you break up with somebody, the first rule is no phone calls. Second rule, you don’t go over their house and drive by to see what they’re doing. The third one is that you don’t show up at their coffee shop or things where you’ll run into them. You just say no. Gone. History. Moving forward …because every time you do something like that, you’re opening the wound again. And it just makes it harder. You have to put it behind you and that’s a very, very, very hard thing to do.

Lucas also spoke about how Star Wars changed the film industry on many levels.