‘Gazing Globes’, Illuminated Fiberglass Spheres on Outdoor Display in New York City’s Madison Square Park

Gazing Globes in Madison Square Park
photo by Yasunori Matsui

Artist Paula Hayes has created “Glowing Globes,” a beautiful series of illuminated spheres containing the “detritus of contemporary culture” such as old CDs, radio antennas, and transistors, which is currently on display in New York City’s Madison Square Park in an outdoor exhibition that runs from February 19-April 19, 2015.

“I use vintage parts because technology moves at such a fast pace. These play a role in the current landscape and how information is transmitted from one part of the globe to the next. I am making an illuminated landscape evocative of the designed landscape of Madison Square Park. Both are born of human imagination and technology.” The globes, says Hayes, will give the park “an arctic feeling, a winter wonderland.”

Gazing Globe
image via Paula Hayes

Gazing Globes at Night Gazing Globes Light Gazing Globes Tree
images via Paula Hayes