Gamers Act as Photojournalists and Document Street Crime in ‘Grand Theft Auto Online’

Native Gangs of Los Santos by Xynthantion
photo by xynthantion on reddit

A large group of gamers have joined forces and are acting as photojournalists to document street crime in the chaotic world of Grand Theft Auto Online. Their official Rockstar Games Social Club crew, Media Lens, was created by amateur photographer and Laika senior film editor Christopher Murrie (a.k.a. cy_sperling). He helped to create the animated films Coraline and ParaNorman. After logging into GTA Online, Media Lens crew members go into passive mode, which allows them to walk freely in the digital world without being killed — unless they are run over. All of their photos are taken using an in-game cellphone camera. You can view more Media Lens photos and stories on reddit.

GTAV: War Correspondent 2 by Christopher Murrie
photo by cy_sperling on reddit

GTAV War Zone by Gamefish
photo by gamefish on reddit

GTA War Zone by Glacroix
photo by glacroix on reddit

First Joint MDIA Adventure by Xynthantion
photo by xynthantion on reddit

images via reddit

via Polygon, Andy Baio

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