Professional Athletes Compete to See Who Can Cut Vegetables Exactly in Half on German Game Show

In a tense yet amusing segment of the German game show Schlag den Star (Beat the Celebrity), professional athletes Alexander Zverev (Tennis) and Silvio Heinevetter (Handball) faced off against each other to see who could perfectly cut vegetables exactly in half. After cutting, the halves were weighed to see who was more precise with their knife skills.

(translated) What about the cooking skills of professional athletes? Practice cutting vegetables could be beneficial in the Halve game. The task is to cut into two pieces of exactly the same weight.

Schlage den Star Half Game
Cutting Produce in Half

The Pair Also Competed in Other Silly Games During the Episode

Celebrity against celebrity is the motto at Schlag den Star. Stars can compete against each other in up to 15 sports and thinking games and play for the jackpot.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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