Gama-Go Opens Store In San Francisco

Gama-Go San Francisco

Gama-Go has just opened their very first store, located in San Francisco’s SOMA neighborhood. They’ll be having their official store opening party on May 2nd.

What happens when an art school dropout, traveling curmudgeon, and an amateur taxidermist take on the massive apparel industry juggernaut. If on the way to work they’re kidnapped by a Yeti, you end up with a company like Gama-Go. In late 2000 Tim Biskup, Chris Edmundson, & Greg Long started screen printing t-shirts and working out of the basement of Greg’s house. In 2006 Tim Biskup stopped working creatively for Gama-Go. Still a dear friend and partner in the company, Tim now enjoys an illustrious career in fine art.

We started with 6 designs on tees & now we’re doing everything from clocks to pillows to books to toys, jackets, underwear, shoes, much, much more. Everything we produce is limited & we switch it up every season. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. You can find GAMA-GO in boutiques worldwide, but we rock it out of San Francisco, CA!

image via Gama-Go

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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