An Extremely Friendly Galapágos Pelican Hilariously Invades the Tent of a BBC ‘Blue Planet II’ Director

Galapagos Pelican Invades

While on location in the Galapágos Islands for BBC Earth’s Blue Planet II, Rachel, one of the show’s directors, found out how friendly the area wildlife can be when a pelican showed up at her tent and refused to leave. No matter what Rachel did to try and shoo the bird away, the mischievously stubborn pelican stood ground and even crossed the threshold. After having enough of the bird, Butler wisely zipped up her tent and bid the pesky pelican goodbye.

Pelican Invades Tent In The Galápagos – Blue Planet II Behind The Scenes* The animals on the Galápagos are known for being friendly, but for Blue Planet II director Rachel, a friendly pelican gets a little too interested in her tent!

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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